Machine Embroidery

Author Kristen Dibbs introduces eleven of Australia’s foremost textile artists and teachers of machine embroidery as they discuss their work and reveal their sources of inspiration.

Share the secrets of their favourite techniques, including silk-paper making, ‘cram-jar’ dyeing, thread painting, contemporary machine-lace making and bobbin work. Each artist has designed an exciting new project especially for this book.

If you love your sewing machine, you’ll find this stimulating book essential reading.

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Wool Embroidery for Babies

This beautiful title in Christine’s collection features charming wool embroidery pieces designed for your little one. In this book, Christine has created a unique range of embellished blankets, gorgeous toys, delightful garments and treasured nursery items for babies. Using a few simple stitches, you can create stunning effects for your very own treasured pieces.

Clear instructions guide you to craft lovely embroidered designs using simple stitches, making Christine’s pieces a perfect starting point for beginner embroiderers. More complex and challenging designs will also occupy the experienced crafter.

Discover the simple beauty of wool embroidery with Christine’s gorgeous design guide.

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Whitework with Colour

The flexibility of whitework with colour has opened the door to a whole new world of creative possibilities. There are no limits to the subjects one can stitch, and you will find nestled among the pages a wide variety of projects which will entice you to get stitching. There are seventeen projects in the book, ranging from complete beginner to more advanced. No special skills are required but a little practice will go a long way in helping you to master the technique.

Trish’s expert use of colour has contributed to the creation of marvellous pieces of embroidery, where quite unusual colour combinations and multiple colourways reveal how identical designs and shapes can transform when different colour is applied.

Whitework With Colour differs slightly from Trish’s previous books in that she has decided to lean more on her own experience and share the methods that have worked best for her over the years. The embroidery is innovative, great fun and seriously addictive.

Discover the phenomenal elegance, intricacy and awe within Trish Burr’s incredible embroidery white work designs.

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The Wool Embroidery Collection

With exotic silks and truly beautiful coloured wools, this book provides an adventure into the wonderful world of wool embroidery. In many designs the embroidered wool is enhanced by metallic threads, the sheen of silk ribbon and the extra dimension of beads.

The diversity of designs and projects in this book provides something for everyone. There are a variety of woollen blankets with playful teddy bears as well as two outstanding woollen blankets depicting the beautiful colours and shapes of Australian wildflowers. There is an embroidered woollen vest embellished with beads, the most beautiful embroidered dressing gown depicting butterflies, buds and flowers in opulent threads and beads, a footstool highlighted with metallic threads, a blanket with geese strolling under a sparkling swag of beautiful ribbons, and an exotic crewel bellpull stitched with opulent silk and wool threads.

As you absorb the designs presented, imagine them stitched in a variety of ways – on clothing, table linen, wall hangings and bags, as well as the suggestions for extra uses at the beginning of each project.

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Threadwork: Silk, Stitches, Beads and Cords

This beautiful book details the creation of sumptuous embellished surfaces made by collaging rich colourful silks, transparent organza and ribbons, stitching with embroidery threads and ribbons, knitting and other yarns, and adding further texture with raised embroidery, cords, metallic threads and beads.

Experience a process of creating where each application allows the surface to evolve from the first layer upwards with a sense of playfulness and thinking outside the square. The method or process is to create an original soft textile by assembling layers of fabric as a background that is embellished with stitches, quilting, beads and cords.

There are 28 amazing projects, all with full instructions for an exact reproduction, or ideas for using what is available, or combining techniques throughout the book to create a truly unique piece. Beautiful photography of finished pieces.

A feast for the eyes and your creative spirit.

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Thread Painting: Bunnies in my Garden

Be inspired by this brilliant title from Jenny McWhinney. Discover the expert use of colour and shade to form marvellous intricacies in the featured pieces. From the beginner to the experienced stitcher, these 12 original and beautiful designs, each with detailed stitch instructions, will capture the imagination through embroidery. Detailed patterns, diagrams and simple, unique instructions are provided throughout. Working any of them will help master the main techniques of Jenny McWhinney’s form of thread painting.

This gorgeous full colour book will delight any embroiderer who sees it and will be a must-have for her many fans.

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The Long & The Short of it DVD: A Needle Painting Workshop Beginner-Intermediate

This fantastic DVD by Trish Burr provides viewers with a hands-on experience of needle painting. The purpose of this DVD is to provide you with a relaxed workshop environment where you can see live demonstrations of the stitch and work alongside at your own pace. The workshop is ideal for beginners but can also be used by more advanced embroiderers who want to perfect their techniques.

Dive into these beautiful designs of rich colour and texture, uniquely created by Trish herself. Adopt this DVD into your collection to discover a hands-free and highly supportive workshop from your very own home.

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Stumpwork Medieval Flora

Long fascinated by the illuminated manuscripts of the medieval era, Jane Nicholas has sought examples in museums and galleries across Europe. The embroideries in this beautifully illustrated work were inspired in particular by the decorative panels and borders in the illuminated Book of Hours created by Jean Bourdichon for Anne of Brittany, early in the sixteenth century.

Jane has chosen eight flowers from myriad possibilities and interpreted them here in stumpwork embroidery. Five are worked as botanical specimens, their Latin names stitched below them. The other three, equally botanically correct, are presented as illuminated panels with richly coloured borders embellished with gold thread and beads. Each piece includes a ‘surprise’ in the form of an insect (or two), faithfully interpreted in fabric, wire, beads and thread.

The requirements and instructions for each project are given in detail, along with a tracing patterns and explanatory diagrams.

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Stumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery: Inspired by Turkish, Syrian & Persian Tiles

Another brilliant title by the accomplished author Jane Nicholas, this design guide captivates readers with lustrous silk fabrics, vibrant metallic threads, majestic jewels and striking beads. Revelling in regal and exotic undertones of the Middle East, this marvellous book takes readers on an extravagant journey across oceans. Jane has celebrated the opportunity to research and indulge in this passion of hers since childhood- combining jewel-like colours, gold metallic threads and glittering beads in glorious harmony.

Featuring striking photography and clear, concise instructions, this guide will inspire and enchant its readers of any ability and experience. A brilliant collection of 16 projects are presented in this book, varying both in size and complexity. Each has been inspired by an example of Islamic art – pottery, textiles, manuscripts or jewellery – from Turkey, Syria, Persia, Arabia or India.

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The Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection

Inspired by Evans’ and Bellamy’s book “An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles”, Jane Nicholas captivates the imagination with extraordinary stumpwork beetles, designed authentically based on fascinating and detailed photography. Strewn with excellently glittering goldwork beetles, inspired by Art Nouveau jewellery; beaded beetles, from mosaic buttons; redwork beetles, first seen on an antique quilt on display in Omaha, Nebraska; and beetles in surface stitchery, Jane illuminates texture and form with great expertise.

Brilliant colour photography is accompanied by clear instructions on each project, clearly guiding a crafter of any experience to accomplish a marvellous result using an array of techniques.

Discover the utter charm of lustrous silk, metallic threads and vivid colour combinations in crafting your very own stumpwork beetle ‘specimen box’.

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Stumpwork Butterflies & Moths

Stumpwork Butterflies and Moths is the third in an outstanding series of books by Jane Nicholas featuring insects in conjunction with flowers.

Collecting insects, and displaying them, has long been the delight of natural history enthusiasts. In the nineteenth century, collecting butterflies and moths as serried rows in specimen boxes, or as decorative patterns in framed pictures, was a popular pursuit. Faithful to the tradition of these collectors, the Moth and Butterfly Specimen Box in this book is the third in Jane’s series of stumpwork insect boxes, preceded by those in Stumpwork Dragonflies (2000) and The Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection (2004).

Lavishly illustrated in colour, with detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by explanatory diagrams, this book will be a valued addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in textured and dimensional embroidery.

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Stumpwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects

A sequel to the highly successful Stumpwork Embroidery, Jane Nicholas takes readers on a truly enchanting journey featuring magnificently luscious floral displays and delightful critters of the outdoors. Delve into superb arrangements of colour and visible texture in Jane’s sophisticated and impeccable designs. This beautifully designed book provides extensive explanation and clear instruction for creating your very own exquisite stumpwork pieces. Produce classic embroidered floral and wildlife pictures, intricate roundel’s for a wall hanging or brooch, as well as stunning accessories and treasured gifts.

Featuring an array of projects suitable for all levels of needlework ability, this outstanding guide is an essential for every ambitious craftsperson.

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Stumpwork Dragonflies

The fragile dragonfly, possessing a slender and elegant form, shimmering iridescent wings and captivating bead-like eyes, has fascinated artists since the 16th century. In this irresistible book, Jane dissects the beautiful dragonfly with enchanting results. Carefully exploiting the link between anatomy and stitching, this magnificent work provides further inspiration for stumpworkers world wide.

Jane shares her process of using unusual materials to form sensational creatures, while encouraging readers to interpret and create their own unique designs. An incredible array of projects, including a remarkable ‘specimen box’ of 9 mesmerising dragonflies, accompanied by practical instructions and striking photography, will allure any creative soul.

Discover the rare beauty of these marvellous creatures as Jane builds and transforms enchanting pieces of exquisite intricacy. Create you own mysterious pieces and treasures with this captivating book by the talented and accomplished author, Jane Nicholas.

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Stitchopedia: The Only Embroidery Reference You’ll Ever Need

The cross-referencing included in this beautiful book is unique to Stitchopedia and will ensure that the pages of this book become invaluable to the embroiderer. A host of motifs, that may be copied, are included in the book. Favourite motifs can be used over again to create many different finished effects. Photographs of inspirational pieces of embroidery and the vibrant colours of the stitch samples will make Stitchopedia not only a ‘work-horse’ but also an enjoyable experience for the reader.

Stitches are grouped into sections on blackwork, canvas work, crewel work, hardanger, pulled work and stumpwork with detailed instructions, working diagrams, and full colour photographs of individual stitches by name. Each of the stitches has a page reference to the second half of the book that contains an extremely helpful alphabetical listing of stitches. The listing shows thumbnail photographs of the stitches on fabric, a page reference for detailed instructions on the working of the stitch and a list of the techniques for which that stitch could be used.

This beautifully designed book is sure to attract newcomers to embroidery and will guide them through the basic stages of learning new stitches, but it will also be welcomed by more advanced embroiderers seeking to create the most intricate motifs.

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Stitch! The Complete Guide to Hand Stitching & Embellishing Techniques

What makes a good sewing project into something outstanding? Often, it is the small hand finished details, a mix of structural finishing and pure decoration, which can quickly become a testament to the style, creativity, and skill of the dressmaker.

Stitch! contains everything you need to know about hand stitching and embellishing. It is a comprehensive technique book that will take your work to a new level. A major part of the book is a directory of hand stitching techniques, suitable for all levels of skill, along with plenty of great examples of these stitches in action. It is a sumptuous celebration of the creative power of the sewing needle, packed with inspirational photographs of stylish little touches that will make you want to launch into your sewing with renewed vigor!

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Silk Ribbon Embroidery: A Workshop Approach for Beginners

A step-by-step approach to silk ribbon embroidery. All the questions you ever wanted to ask in a silk ribbon embroidery class answered for you, with illustrations and instructions.

The lessons in the book are based on the very popular workshops conducted by Helen throughout Australia and New Zealand. Here the information and skills needed for success with silk ribbon embroidery are presented in an interesting and informative manner. The diagrams and instructions will give embroiderers, at both beginner and advanced levels, the knowledge and confidence to try this needle art without structured classes or supervision by a qualified tutor.

This elegant needle art is a much faster form of stitching than traditional cross-stitch or tapestry and is ideally suited to the creation of the useful and decorative objects for the home in the book’s fully described and illustrated projects.

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Shakespeare’s Flowers in Stumpwork

Shakespeare’s Flowers in Stumpwork takes Jane Nicholas?s readers further along the path she explored in Stumpwork Medieval Flora (2009).

Wild flowers, herbs and gardens are a recurring feature in Shakespeare’s work: from Oberon’s bank where the wild thyme blows and where oxlips, violets, woodbine, musk-roses and eglantine grow, to the Spring Song, when daisies pied, and violets blue, with lady-smocks and yellow cuckoo-buds do paint the meadows with delight. His plays are rich in the plant and herb lore of Tudor England, using plants to symbolise, among other virtues and vices, yearning, unrequited love, malice and mischief, triumph and glory. The projects in this book, worked in stumpwork and surface embroidery, feature many of the flowers found in the gardens, fields and hedgerows of the time.

Lavishly illustrated in colour, with detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by explanatory diagrams, Shakespeare’s Flowers in Stumpwork will make a delightful addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in textured and dimensional embroidery.

Jane Nicholas has been researching and working in the field of embroidery for over 20 years. Specialising in stumpwork and goldwork embroidery, she was written eight books and has contributed widely to journals and magazines on the subject. In 1999 Jane was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to further her studies in stumpwork in the United Kingdom and in 2005 was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her “services to hand embroidery as an artist, teacher and author”. She teaches widely in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America and continues to research and develop new techniques – particularly in stumpwork. A separate, but often related, area of her work is as a maker of artists’ books and boxes.

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Schwalm Embroidery: Techniques and Designs

Schwalm Embriodery is the beautiful and deviated art from the heart of Germany. This fine embroidery reflects the classic intricacy and ornate delicacy of eighteenth and nineteenth century whitework embroidery incorporating surface stitches, pulled fabric, drawn thread, needlelace and needle weaving.

Projects included in this wonderful book range from an heirloom cloth, sampler, pincushion, to a scissor tag, needle case and much, much more.

The detailed colour photographs in this book clearly demonstrate the intricacy and beauty of the work, while Christine, an experienced teacher, explains the ways to recreate it in simple stages, accompanied by numerous step-by-step drawings which help to clarify the instructions.

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Ribbon and Paint Embroideries

This stunning title by Roslynn Haq presents 15 wonderful projects, all with an enticing array of ribbon embroidery, catering for the beginner to the experienced embroiderer. Explaining her unique stitches and techniques, she introduces the reader to the opportunities of paint. Full instructions are provided for making the small pots featured in her embroidery and on framing the finished product. Become inspired by magnificently diverse pieces that entice and satisfy the creative soul.

Discover this unique application of techniques and materials by creating your very own timeless work of art.

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Redoute’s Finest Flowers in Embroidery

Delicate embroideries inspired by the wonderful flower paintings of the 19th century botanical artist Pierre Joseph Redoute. Discover one of Trish Burr’s finest works in her incredible collection of hand embroidery titles. 17 paintings are reproduced in amazing detail using the simplest of stitches to create a remarkably complex effect. Step-by-step instructions are included for each embroidery – fabric, thread, stitches – which will allow both the novice and the experienced embroiderer to create their own stunning botanical collection.

Be inspired by Trish Burr’s masterful recapitulation of Redoute’s magnificent designs.

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Punchneedle Embroidery: Dancing Needles

Be inspired by the enticingly simple yet beautifully detailed art of punchneedle embroidery. This brilliant guide encourages people of any skill level and experience to discover the charm of the colourful, dimensional and exciting projects included. A variety of enchanting floral and classical designs create a stunning effect when paired with Pamela’s easy technique. With step-by-step instructions and colour photographs for every project, this book has projects suitable for beginners and experienced punchneedle embroiderers.

Discover the beauty of handcrafted art with punchneedle embroidery in this fantastic instructional guide.

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Punchneedle Creations

From Pamela Gurney, author of the popular Punchneedle Embroidery: Dancing Needles, and other books, comes this new book to inspire beginners and experienced embroiderers alike. Punchneedle embroidery stands alone in its ability to create the most textural of all embroideries, using a vast array of threads and ribbons to add life, colour and richness to the work.

An inspiring book for anyone who loves embroidery, Punchneedle Creations brings you over 20 inspirational and delightful new projects. All the basic techniques, and many exciting new ones, are fully explained through clear step-by-step instructions, illustrated with diagrams and photographs. Pamela’s confident and easy style not only demonstrates the fundamentals but will also encourage and inspire embroiderers to ‘push the boundaries’ with their work.

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Needleweaving and Embroidery: Embellished Treasures

Unique designs combined with beautiful coloured threads and cloths, as well as stylish embellishments, make this book especially attractive for all embroiderers. Stitchers who have dabbled in cross stitch, hardanger and pulled work, as well as beginners and more experienced stitchers are invited to venture into Needleweaving and Embroidery, a combination of well-known embroidery techniques such as drawn thread, needle weaving and surface stitches.

Specially selected stitches and finishing touches are sampled in small, useful projects such as bookmarks, greeting cards, pot pourri and glasses bags, table mat and runner, and more. Small and medium sized projects allow skills to develop through the creation of objects which are beautiful and useful, to keep or give as special gifts.

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Needle painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners

Being a self-taught embroiderer, Trish understands the need for clear instructions and has spent many hours exploring the simplest way to present project instructions so that they are simple to follow. With comprehensive thread listings, numerous step-by-step photographs, clear illustrations and row-by-row instructions, all the designs presented in this book use readily obtainable DMC/Anchor stranded cotton.

This book provides 15 embroidery projects from the numerous kits that Trish Burr has been providing by mail order for some years – a variety of embroideries featuring traditional flowers, and two small, colourful and delightful South African birds, the little bee-eater and the raquet-tailed troller.

The embroideries are divided into three levels, from complete beginner through to more intermediate embroiderers, and will also be helpful to those with some experience who are looking for smaller designs to use for gifts. Each level is carefully designed to take you onto the next stage of needle painting and includes all aspects of the technique, plus an introduction to long and short stitch and its variations – basic, curved, different shapes and feathers.

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Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery: Vintage Portraits, Florals & Birds

Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery contains 18 miniature embroidery projects. The designs are fresh and appealing and based on the pretty, romantic illustrations typical of the Victorian and post-Victorian eras. This book reflects what Trish has learnt about needle painting embroidery over the years and within it she shares her more recent ideas on every aspect of long and short stitch and how to adapt it to fit different situations and projects.

Each project is accompanied by a detailed thread diagram which shows exactly which colour should be used and where. The small size of the designs allows for great flexibility in their final use, such as group framing, making up into cushions, book covers, quilt squares, needle cases, box lids, tote bags, pockets on clothing and so on. A ‘shopping list’ of all the threads needed for each project appears as a thread chart with each project. Charts for equating Anchor and DMC colours appear near the end of the book, and Anchor and DMC thread suppliers are listed under Suppliers at the end.

The book is aimed at all embroiderers, however a little previous experience is recommended before embarking on these projects. If you are a complete beginner Trish suggests practising on scrap fabric, then stitch the starter projects to gain confidence before moving onto the main projects.

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Long and Short Stitch Embroidery: A Collection of Flowers

Trish Burr has selected beautiful flowers and interpreted them in her own unique style to present a stunning collection of embroideries using long and short stitch. Meticulous in detail, these flowers are brought to life by the use of carefully selected threads and an intuitive use of simple stitches. Be inspired by masterful use of colour, depth, light and texture in this popular instructional guide and exquisite artistic stimulus.

With clear step-by-step instructions and full size templates, this beautiful book will be a must-have for any embroiderer’s library.

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Little Book of Wildflowers in Silk Ribbon

This charming little guide to silk ribbon embroidery is an essential on the shelf of every keen craftsperson. Including a range of beautiful floral designs, this instructional book is exciting and inspiring while providing clear steps and photographs. The flowers selected for inclusion are all Australian Wildflowers. However, they illustrate the many shapes and forms found in all flowers, thus enabling us to embroider any flowers simply by changing colour palette. Suitable for both beginners and experiences embroiderers, Jenny’s thoughtful and delightful book will capture the creative heart of its readers.

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Little Book of Parterre & Knot Gardens in French Knots

Another fabulous title in Christine’s collection, this book delves into the beautiful and accessible art of French knots in embroidery. Featuring 10 delightful and alluring parterre and knot garden designs, the aesthetic of the French knot technique reflects the formality of the traditional gardens of the 17th century. Christine provides easy-to-follow instructions that will help crafters of any experience level to create their own unique pieces.

Create marvellous handmade embroidery pieces for yourself and others to last a lifetime.

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Little Book of Floral Designs for Silk Ribbon

Be enchanted by Helen Dafters stunning book that captures the beauty and grace of some of our most loved flowers including Cyclamen, Agapanthus, Lily of the Valley and Violas among many others. Whether you are new to silk embroidery, or want to expand your repertoire, you will enjoy every stitch in this little book, which includes 21 magnificent projects. Embellish garments and home decor or create trinkets and wall art with the popular floral designs in Helen’s step-by-step instructional guide.

This book is essential for a crafter’s bookshelf to enhance their work with charming floral embellishments.

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Heirlooms of Tomorrow in Wool Embroidery

Why buy expensive embroidered heirlooms when its so simple to make them yourself?

All the projects are elaborately explained and illustrated. Joan gives full details so even the beginner embroiderer can undertake these projects. Included are notes on tracing and transferring designs, needles required and threads to ‘draw’ out the pattern.

Drawings and instructions cover every stitch used in the book, and there is a detailed flower guide with step by step notes on creating wonderful flowers in wool and other threads – roses, gum blossoms, lavender, flannel flowers, buds and leaves, as well as instructions on folding the ever popular silk ribbon roses.

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Goldwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects

Goldwork Embroidery by Mary Brown is the most comprehensive book on this ancient form of embroidery. The history of goldwork in Britain and Europe is illuminated with images in glorious full-colour of gold embroidered costumes and textiles held in museums and private collections, many never previously published or seen by the public. This book includes fifteen original projects that either reference historical examples or exhibit contemporary techniques for this form of embroidery. Follow practical step-by-step instructions to create your very own brilliant masterpiece.

A beautiful book that covers every aspect of goldwork embroidery- an essential on the bookshelf of every craftsperson.

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Floral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon

Floral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon is beautifully presented. Helen has created a visually attractive book with the use of stunning photography and very pretty watercolours of many varieties of flowers.

A guide to creating beautiful silk embroidered flowers from nature, this book includes beautiful photographs, watercolours and illustrations of flowers. Helen has interpreted these images by creating complete projects of the flowers in silk ribbon in cottage and country garden settings.

Included is a basic guide to fabrics, needles, pattern transfer, silk ribbons, starting/finishing, painted backgrounds and stitching techniques with diagrams. Projects include a variety of flowers, including roses, irises, everlasting/shasta daisies, asters, cornflowers, lavender, buddlia, gardenia, cherry blossom, violets, pansies, hyacinths, foxglove, as well as a small collection of native flowers. Not only are there projects for individual flowers, there are also complete landscape style embroidered projects showing the flowers in company with one another and in natural or garden settings.

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Embroidery: Traditional Techniques & Contemporary Applications for Hand and Machine Embroidery

Needlecrafts are currently enjoying a healthy revival as a whole new generation of crafters pick up their needles and get involved. With a plethora of social groups, blogs, and websites such as Etsy and Design Sponge now targeted specifically at a younger, hipper demographic, embroidery has cast off its image as an old fashioned hobby to become more popular than ever before.

Embroidery taps into this growing trend, encompassing both handwork and machine embroidery styles in an authoritative ‘category killer’ approach, combined with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic that is guaranteed to appeal to this burgeoning new generation of crafters. With its combination of step-by-step tutorials, practitioner profiles, and inspirational galleries full of bang up-to-date modern pieces, Embroidery introduces an authoritative new style of reference that is guaranteed to appeal to a new generation of embroidery enthusiasts, sewers, and needlecrafters of all levels. In contrast to other, largely project-orientated titles, Embroidery places the emphasis on the techniques themselves, and also offers a more comprehensive breadth of embroidery styles, providing an insight into a wide variety of innovative and exciting contemporary applications.

Covering everything from smocking and stumpwork to beading and blackwork, the book explores an extensive variety of handwork techniques, as well as looking at machine embroidery styles. Specially commissioned illustrations accompany detailed step-by-step tutorials, while interviews with contemporary practitioners provide an understanding of the range of different working methods, materials, and developing techniques.

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Embroidery Illusions

Gary Clarke has mastered organza work with fabulous style and ease. This title features 20 projects and additional designs for the reader to work. The subjects vary from fish, flowers, landscapes, nursery rhymes, fruit, lilies, birds, houses, Little Bo Peep and much more. Gary has covered general organza instructions, framing, mounting, threads, fabric, and needle stitches.

The instructions for each design include watercolour paintings, and line drawings. Each design has been worked in a different style, yet all could be worked in any one style, such as traditional satin stitch, couching, beading, cross stitch, stumpwork, applique and many more.

Gary has presented a beautiful colour book that will both thrill and inspire all embroiderers. This breath taking title has a little something for everyone.

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Embroidery from the Heart

The tragic and untimely death of a young woman from heart disease has inspired this touching memorial to her life, a creative exploration of the importance of the heart in all our lives. Embroidery from the Heart is a stunning collection of pieces from some of Australia’s best-known embroiderers, all created around the theme of the heart. Many of them have experienced first-hand the loss of a family member or close friend from heart disease, and see their contribution as a way of helping the Heart Foundation in its efforts to prevent heart disease and stroke.

A proportion of the proceeds from this book will go to the Heart Foundation to support education and research into the prevention and treatment of heart disease. Embroidery from the Heart is a tribute in embroidery – to one heart from many.

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Embroidery for all Seasons

Exquisite embroidered garden flower designs showing the four seasons, all brought vividly to life with stitches and colours that truly reflect the flowers being worked. This fabulous instructional guide includes complete flower samplers and a lovely selection of projects showing the embroidered flowers used in a variety of combinations and styles. Follow practical step-by-step instructions to create you own marvellously luscious floral landscapes.

This is a beautiful book combining the very popular first two books from Diana Lampe, Embroidered Garden Flowers and More Embroidered Garden Flowers, and includes the new Kardinal Rose Garden.

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Embroidery Basics: All You Need to Know to Start Stitching

This essential guide to embroidery teaches everything you need to know in order to produce wonderfully decorative needlework. Starting with the knowledge of which threads and fabrics to work with, then mastering different stitches and more complicated techniques, you’ll discover the satisfaction of creating your own uniquely embellished accessories, garments and items for the home. This practical guide is perfect for an unexperienced crafter wishing to learn new skills as well as a detailed technique reference for avid embroiderers.

Includes 12 inspired projects for practising skills and a range of beautiful designs the embroiderer will find easy to work with.

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Embroidered Silk Ribbon Treasures

A bind-up of the two fatalistically popular books by Helen Dafter, Embroidered Treasures for Silk Ribbon Books 1 and 2, this title combines all the wonderful projects in one volume. Now 20 projects are together, with full instructions, templates and colour images. Explore the expert use of harmonious colour and exquisite texture in projects ranging from a charming lavender arrangement to the soft gathering of irises.

This guide is an essential for an intermediate embroiderer as well as an expert, encouraging every reader to create brilliant designs in divine silk ribbon.

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Embroidered Landscapes: Hand Embroidery, Layering & Surface Stitching

This exquisite book explores the processes and techniques of creating realistic interpretations of landscapes. The processes described will enable any embroiderer from any country in the world to adapt and produce hand-embroidered landscapes portraying their own regions.

The techniques are the combination and adaption of different art genre, textiles, traditional stitch’s and hand embroidery techniques as the result of over 25 years of experiment, refinement and tutoring by author, Judy Wilford. Discover the masterful application of harmonious colour and incredible texture in the wide array of instructional elements.

This book is an absolute essential for every embroiderer, allowing the beautiful enhancement of their designs with animation, precision and vivacity.

The book is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 covers the materials and equipment needed to design and embroider a landscape: a simple landscape is adapted, designed, drawn up and used throughout demonstrating the layering techniques used for the background. Surface stitchery completes the foreground and covers the stitches used and adapted for the work required to produce surface elements such as grass, tress and flora that combine to make up the landscape. Part 1 contains the Project ‘Of the Tablelands’, this project can result in 2 completed works, – one depicting grasses as the main foreground feature and the other depicting the verge side flora of the region.

Part 2 contains projects based on different landforms. The coastlines, the Escarpments, The Plains and The Deserts, each further develop and extend techniques. They describe the landscape types and elements and the use of fabric and stitch to achieve specific effects. These effects could be sand patterns on beaches, the water ways of lakes and dams, vertical tree trunks and their textures, the wide expanse of deserts flowering or the crops and grasses of the plains and the closed secret canopies of the forests. As in Part 1, each of the landforms will have stitch samplers of specific elements and the flora of the region giving a total of 8 projects.

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Embroidered Dolls Collection

The half doll pincushions in this collection are exquisite in design and style. The dolls are a combination of silk skirts with wool embroidered top skirts to the most wonderful bridal gown of silk, heavily embroidered with silk ribbon and stranded threads. You will love this book from start to finish and ponder over which doll you should embroider first or just embroider the lot for a perfect collection.

13 dolls with easy-to-follow instructions, and clear, detailed illustrations for each, as well as extra notes on special techniques. Wonderful styled photographs bring the dolls to life, as well as close up photographs to show the exquisite embroidery. The designs in this book are for beginners, as well as advanced embroiderers alike.

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Crewel Embroidery: A Practical Guide

As with all embroidery techniques, the working of crewel embroidery is meant to be an enjoyable pursuit. It is adaptable to a wide range of purposes such as fashion items, soft furnishings and wall hangings. This book demonstrates how surface stitches are used in crewel work and explains some rules which will help the embroiderer to achieve the best results.

Using traditional style designs, Shelagh Amor has presented a comprehensive guide to Crewel Embroidery. She guides the embroiderer through colour choices and design to make an exciting piece of work. There is something here for all Crewel Embroiderers, from the beginner to the advanced.

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Crewel & Surface Embroidery: Inspirational Floral Designs

In a fusion of crewel and surface embroidery, Trish Burr has broken boundaries with her unique sense of colour and shading by interpreting a mix of thread painting and Australian wool embroidery. With clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions, the 17 achievable projects use the minimum of stitches to create exciting effects. The skillful blending of wool, silk and cotton guides the beginner and inspires the experienced stitcher to create this unique style of embroidery. The numerous step-by-step photographs, illustrations and row-by-row colour keys make following the projects an effortless task and a joy to stitch.

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Colour Confidence in Embroidery

Based on her own experience with long and short stitch shading, gained through trial and error over the years, Trish Burr provides a greater awareness of how colour affects our embroidery, and what brings it to life.

Each aspect is clearly illustrated by example and includes tools for selecting colours, choosing shades that enhance our embroidery, why some shades blend better than others, and the importance of contrast with light and shadow. There are projects to represent each colour group including stunning roses, camellias, fruit and the much sought-after bee-eater birds, but the highlights of the book for any stitcher have to be the chapters on colour combinations and complementary colours. These include more than 200 stitched examples with DMC thread keys, plus schemes to help choose colours for your own projects.

Colour Confidence in Embroidery is the first of its kind on this subject and a valuable resource for any embroiderer. Although based on long and short stitch shading the principles could be applied to any surface or counted thread embroidery.

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Classic Hardanger

An edited bindup of the two popular books from Gina Marion, Creative Hardanger and Decorative Designs in Hardanger.

Gathered in this volume are all the hardanger stitches, techniques, tips and tricks you will ever need to know. There are 50 stunning projects, ranging from bookmarks, hand towels, cushions and pincushions as well as a shawl, a flower vest, a christening gown and much more. Along with classic white designs, some projects feature coloured fabrics and threads as well as being embellished with beads and metallic threads.

With everything from basic stitches to intricate tassels and Maltese crosses, Classic Hardanger is a must-have comprehensive guide to hardanger.

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150 Beaded Borders and Motifs

Discover the inspiring creativity inside this fabulous guide in Kenneth D. King’s collection.

Bead embroidery is the process of sewing beads to a basic fabric with needle and thread, and is an easy way to add glamour to clothing and accessories. This captivating book is packed with over 150 couture designs for borders, backgrounds, motifs, edgings, and fringes, using simple techniques and inexpensive materials. Each motif features a beautiful photographed swatch, a clear diagram showing type and placement of stitches and beads, and a recipe of tools and materials. Key skills are fully explained, from transferring designs to methods for beaded appliqué and direct application, and a handy stitch palette provides step-by-step instructions for all the embroidery stitches you will need.

The motifs in this book are just a starting point. They can be re-interpreted in different colours or experimented with in other ways. Remember – you are the designers use this book simply as a base from which to express yourself!

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