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Effie Mitrofanis

Threadwork: Silk, Stitches, Beads and Cords

This beautiful book details the creation of sumptuous embellished surfaces made by collaging rich colourful silks, transparent organza and ribbons, stitching with embroidery threads and ribbons, knitting and other yarns, and adding further texture with raised embroidery, cords, metallic threads and beads.

Experience a process of creating where each application allows the surface to evolve from the first layer upwards with a sense of playfulness and thinking outside the square. The method or process is to create an original soft textile by assembling layers of fabric as a background that is embellished with stitches, quilting, beads and cords.

There are 28 amazing projects, all with full instructions for an exact reproduction, or ideas for using what is available, or combining techniques throughout the book to create a truly unique piece. Beautiful photography of finished pieces.

A feast for the eyes and your creative spirit.

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