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Gail Rogers

The Wool Embroidery Collection

With exotic silks and truly beautiful coloured wools, this book provides an adventure into the wonderful world of wool embroidery. In many designs the embroidered wool is enhanced by metallic threads, the sheen of silk ribbon and the extra dimension of beads.

The diversity of designs and projects in this book provides something for everyone. There are a variety of woollen blankets with playful teddy bears as well as two outstanding woollen blankets depicting the beautiful colours and shapes of Australian wildflowers. There is an embroidered woollen vest embellished with beads, the most beautiful embroidered dressing gown depicting butterflies, buds and flowers in opulent threads and beads, a footstool highlighted with metallic threads, a blanket with geese strolling under a sparkling swag of beautiful ribbons, and an exotic crewel bellpull stitched with opulent silk and wool threads.

As you absorb the designs presented, imagine them stitched in a variety of ways – on clothing, table linen, wall hangings and bags, as well as the suggestions for extra uses at the beginning of each project.

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