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Jane Nicholas

Stumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery: Inspired by Turkish, Syrian & Persian Tiles

Another brilliant title by the accomplished author Jane Nicholas, this design guide captivates readers with lustrous silk fabrics, vibrant metallic threads, majestic jewels and striking beads. Revelling in regal and exotic undertones of the Middle East, this marvellous book takes readers on an extravagant journey across oceans. Jane has celebrated the opportunity to research and indulge in this passion of hers since childhood- combining jewel-like colours, gold metallic threads and glittering beads in glorious harmony.

Featuring striking photography and clear, concise instructions, this guide will inspire and enchant its readers of any ability and experience. A brilliant collection of 16 projects are presented in this book, varying both in size and complexity. Each has been inspired by an example of Islamic art – pottery, textiles, manuscripts or jewellery – from Turkey, Syria, Persia, Arabia or India.

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