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Jane Nicholas

Stumpwork Dragonflies

The fragile dragonfly, possessing a slender and elegant form, shimmering iridescent wings and captivating bead-like eyes, has fascinated artists since the 16th century. In this irresistible book, Jane dissects the beautiful dragonfly with enchanting results. Carefully exploiting the link between anatomy and stitching, this magnificent work provides further inspiration for stumpworkers world wide.

Jane shares her process of using unusual materials to form sensational creatures, while encouraging readers to interpret and create their own unique designs. An incredible array of projects, including a remarkable ‘specimen box’ of 9 mesmerising dragonflies, accompanied by practical instructions and striking photography, will allure any creative soul.

Discover the rare beauty of these marvellous creatures as Jane builds and transforms enchanting pieces of exquisite intricacy. Create you own mysterious pieces and treasures with this captivating book by the talented and accomplished author, Jane Nicholas.

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