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Trish Burr

Whitework with Colour

The flexibility of whitework with colour has opened the door to a whole new world of creative possibilities. There are no limits to the subjects one can stitch, and you will find nestled among the pages a wide variety of projects which will entice you to get stitching. There are seventeen projects in the book, ranging from complete beginner to more advanced. No special skills are required but a little practice will go a long way in helping you to master the technique.

Trish’s expert use of colour has contributed to the creation of marvellous pieces of embroidery, where quite unusual colour combinations and multiple colourways reveal how identical designs and shapes can transform when different colour is applied.

Whitework With Colour differs slightly from Trish’s previous books in that she has decided to lean more on her own experience and share the methods that have worked best for her over the years. The embroidery is innovative, great fun and seriously addictive.

Discover the phenomenal elegance, intricacy and awe within Trish Burr’s incredible embroidery white work designs.

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