Natural Fertility 4th Edition

Updated with latest statistics and information.

Fertility is a challenge faced by women universally. Naish provides natural and holistic solutions and preventative advice to support a woman’s wellbeing, and help to overcome problems with contraception, infertility, reproductive and hormonal health.

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Gluten Free Cooking

Updated and revised from the original Wheat-Free Cooking.

Those diagnosed with Coeliac Disease require a life-time commitment to a gluten-free diet. These easy-to-follow recipes, tested many times in the author’s ‘Country Kitchen’, prove that those on a gluten-free diet do not need to give up their favourite foods. Adults and children can still eat delicious breads, pies, pizzas, biscuits and healthy muffins, as well as other favourites.

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Diabetes: Good Food Choices


Over 100 delicious recipes suitable for people with diabetes – and those without! A healthy diet should be an important feature of our daily life and include a variety of foods from all food groups – plenty of vegetables and fruits, breads and cereals, some dairy foods, lean meat and/or meat alternatives, and a small amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. All recipes in this book satisfy the nutritional guidelines suitable for diabetes and overall healthy eating.

In the interests of health and diabetes management, each recipe provides a nutritional analysis per recipe and serve for: Kilojoules; total fat; saturated fat; fibre; carbohydrates; sodium and protein.

Ruby M. Brown is a skilled and dedicated food technology educator as well as a multi-talented culinary author. Ruby has written many books in the area of special diets including Wheat-Free Cooking (More than 100 Gluten-Free Recipes), Good Food for Diabetes and Milk-Free Cooking.

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Conscious Birthing: Yoga and Meditation for Pregnancy

In this new revised and condensed edition of The Complete Book of Yoga and Meditation for Pregnancy, Theresa adapts the ancient practice of yoga to the needs of contemporary women in pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood. In a beautiful volume, all postures are thoroughly explained in a simple format and accompanied with descriptive photographs.

Conscious Birthing guides the reader through a safe and natural way of maintaining health, increasing vitality and preparing for a conscious and enjoyable birthing experience. This easy to follow guide has been designed to use as part of your everyday life, whether you have previous experience of yoga or not.

Many postures are explained, plus the practice of yoga breathing, deep relaxation, meditation and creative visualisation which help women during pregnancy. These are also important for mental, physical and emotional health in preparation for birth.

These practices increase your sense of wellbeing and health during pregnancy and after the birth. The importance and benefits of each posture is outlined including invaluable notes and precautions based on Theresa’s many years of experience in teaching yoga to pregnant women.

The book includes birth stories written by women who have benefited from yoga during their pregnancies and in childbirth and there is discussion on the value of using specific essential oils and other natural remedies that can be used safely and effectively during labour and childbirth. There is also a postnatal yoga program which takes the reader through the first six months after birth detailing the correct and safest way to practice yoga from birth to six months after the birth.

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A Blessing not a Curse: A Mother-Daughter Guide Book for the Transition from Child to Woman

In her sensitive book for parents, Jane Bennett dispels the notion of the curse, replacing it with a positive and enlightened view of menarche and menstruation. With practical advice on how to explain menstruation to your daughter, help her cope with mood swings and pain, as well as handle such issues as contraception, you can feel confident that your daughter will have an affirming experience of menstruation.

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