The Home Sewer’s Guide to Practical Stitches: The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Seams, Hems, Darts and More!

An ideal worktop companion for home sewers, The Home Sewer’s Guide to Practical Stitches is a complete and illustrated resource of hand and machine stitches. What’s the best stitch to hand set a zipper? When should you use a diagonal basting stitch? What are other uses of a blind hem stitch? Whether sewing clothes from published patterns, designing your own sewing projects, or executing simple repairs, The Home Sewer’s Guide to Practical Stitches is the most comprehensive and ready reference consolidating all the most useful and practical information sewers need to choose and use every kind of sewing stitch.

While sewing patterns come with instructions on what stitches to use, they don’t actually include the instructions on how to do those stitches. With machine stitching, using these recommended stitches is contingent on that stitch being available on your sewing machine. If it isn’t, would you know what would make an appropriate substitute? Now, with The Home Sewer’s Guide to Practical Stitches, not only do you have a complete resource of step-by-step techniques for every stitch, the directory style advice arms you with the information you need in order to make your own choices according to the fabric you’re using and what you wish to accomplish.

Table of Contents