Pretty Birds: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love

Most crafters are guaranteed to have a stash of lovingly collected fabric scraps and off cuts hoarded away in anticipation of the perfect project. However, in reality many crafters need inspiration as to what they can actually make with these pieces of fabric, and end up watching guiltily as their stash grows ever larger and more disorganised. Pretty Birds has now provided the perfect answer to what to do with your stash.

More elegant than cutesy, Pretty Birds is aimed at the young and hip end of the hobby crafts readership, offering creative inspiration and easy to follow tutorials that are suitable for sewers of all levels. Crafters will fall in love with the charmingly simple illustrations, which will have them diving straight into their fabric stash in order to recreate each whimsical character for themselves. In addition to the book’s core fabric projects, inspiration and advice is also offered for transforming each into a useful and original household item, such as a chunky doorstopper or handy cable tidy pouch. A selection of standard pattern templates for items such as these is included at the back of the book, providing readers with a valuable additional resource.

Table of Contents