Silk ‘Paper’ Creations for the Fibre Artist

Silk ‘paper’ is a medium that can be used in almost any aspect of fibre art. Silk is lustrous, slightly transparent, and has a beautiful light to it. Silk is easy to dye – there is nothing quite so exciting as a medium for colour.

Since the publication of Take Silk, Judith Pinnell’s first book, which explored the use of tussah silk tops in making silk ‘paper’, lustrous bombyx silk tops and silk throwster waste have become available as mediums for fibre art. These recent additions are featured in Silk ‘Paper’ Creations for the Fibre Artist along with a number of innovative approaches that extend the use of silk ‘paper’ to new heights. Newcomers to silk ‘paper’ will take up the challenge to create. Those already smitten will find additional avenues to explore. If you are searching for rich colour and texture in your work and delight in the excitement of handling pure silk fibres, this beautifully illustrated book shows the way. There are detailed instructions for working with the different types of silk fibre, and full descriptions enabling the creation of hangings, motifs to be attached to other fabrics, and moulded shapes that include bowls, vases and masks.

Table of Contents