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Meagan Lewis

Meagan Lewis is a professional printmaker based in San Francisco, California, who specialices in stamp carving. She studied art at Weber State University in Utah, and it was there that she was able to explore many methods of printmaking including screen printing, intaglio, monoprinting, and relief printing. She fell in love with carving wood, linoleum and rubber, and realized that using these was one of the simplest forms of printmaking. She was excited by the versatility of stamps - they could be as simple or complex as she wanted, especially since nearly anything could be the subject for a stamp: a logo, a portrait, a person's name, or a child's doodle. Meagan began making custom stamps, and it wasn't long before she started getting recognition for her complex carvings that were being commissioned by people all over the world. Her stamps are sold on Etsy under her Brown Pigeon brand and have been featured in dozens of blogs including,,