Knitted Letters: Knit Your Own Letters and Words into Clothes, Cushions and More

Knitted Letters is a unique publication that brings together the parallel arts of typography and handknitting to enable its readers to produce a range of knitted letter projects. Using typography as a starting point and hand knitting as a final form and function, this book showcases 10 key font families including Serif, Sans Serif, Cursive and Stencil, and explains how best to capitalise on each family’s intrinsic features to create fantastic knitted projects of the reader’s choice.

Each chapter includes an introduction to a font family, followed by intarsia charts for the whole alphabet, some in both upper-case and lower-case. This is followed by fully patterned projects that perfectly utilise the components of each font, using the charts as a reference guide where letters or words are required. The charts can also be used to create bespoke knitted letter items incorporating personalized names or initials, illuminating labels, sweeping sentences or even whole manifestos!

Knitted letters features clear, easy-to-follow instructions and knitting patterns and an introductory guide including best practice tools, materials, yarns, finishing, tips and tricks.

This fantastic title by Catherine Hirst and Erssie Major will have you knitting trendy bags, cushions, jumpers, toys and more!

Table of Contents