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Jan Eaton

200 Ripple Stitch Patterns

Another fantastic title in Jan Eaton’s extensive collection, this guide to the ripple stitch encourages readers to create unique, hand-crafted pieces to last a lifetime.

Ripple stitches make fabulous, colourful items, whether worked in crochet or knitting. This type of work creates a fabric patterned with zigzags, ripples, waves and chevrons, often with added texture in the form of ridges and bobbles or the insertion of delicate lacy rows for a soft, openwork look.

Many of the stitch patterns in the book look great worked in a single colour using a beautiful yarn, but many more of them spring to life by combining a variety of colourful yarns with smooth, textured and novelty finishes. Encompassing both traditional stitch patterns and brand new designs, the stitch patterns are arranged to inspire, creating a kaleidoscope of colour, pattern and texture.

As well as instructions for working 200 stitch patterns, there are five attractive projects included, which are designed to show off the variety and beauty of ripple stitches. The projects are spaced throughout the directory and include useful information about choosing colours and yarns as well as suggestions for working with alternative stitch patterns.

This book is a perfect design manual for creative people of any skill level. Discover the endless opportunities to work with colour, texture and size to craft personal and timeless treasures.

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