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Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer

Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer are both mathematics teachers with an unconventional approach to the subject. Steve also trained to teach art. Pat is a fibre artist and has been a knitter for much of her life. They use fabric and fibre in many teaching situations with groups as diverse as university professors, women's groups, and children of all ages. Around 1990 they became addicted to modular knitting and, although they wander into other fields occasionally, most of their knitting has been modular ever since.
They are particularly well known for their large wall hangings and afghans, using modular techniques and representing mathematical ideas or optical illusions. Four of these were bought by the Science Museum (London). The techniques they use were first refined on smaller items, such as clothing and accessories.
Their previously published books include Woolly Thoughts (Souvenir Press 1994), Creating Knitwear Designs (The Guild of Master Craftsman 1996), and Making Knitwear Fit (The Guild of Master Craftsman 1996).