The Knitted Alphabet: How to Knit Letters from A-Z

The Knitted Alphabet is a fabulous popular title by Kate Haxell & Sarah Haxell which explores the craft of knitting letters. The book teaches readers how to hand knit every letter of the alphabet in 26 different styles, ranging from minimalist to ornate, and from classic to contemporary. Each letter is individually charted on knitter’s graph paper-so the finished shape is accurately shown-and illustrated with a knitted swatch.

A range of knitting techniques is used, including Intarsia, Fair Isle, beading, Swiss darning, and textured stitches, and full instructions are given for each technique. Ten simple projects offer ideas and inspiration.

This is the ideal resource book for knitters of all skill levels, whether you are looking to customise an existing pattern, or create a design from scratch.

Table of Contents