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Margaret Morgan

Netted Lace: Exquisite Patterns and Practical Techniques

Netting had its origins in prehistoric times with the invention of fishing nets, and later became one of the very earliest forms of lace. Its use was widespread as the base for filet lace. Many of today’s filet lacemakers use machine-made net as the base for their work, but Margaret Morgan found herself challenged by the need for netting in sizes and colours that were not commercially available, and discovered the techniques hidden in old source material. In Netted Lace she presents the simple equipment and techniques required to make your own netting, with detailed illustrated instructions for netting backgrounds in a variety of sizes and shapes, and numerous edgings.

There are patterns for round, rectangular and oval table mats, table centres and doilies of netted lace, many of which can be embroidered in linen stitch. Margaret’s experimentation has also led to patterns for attractive scarves and shawls made with heavier yarns and larger needles, using basic netting techniques, and for miniature items which could be used in a doll’s house, made with very fine threads and smaller needles – more than forty patterns overall. Margaret hopes that this book will capture your imagination and that you too will enjoy experimenting with netting.

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