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Elena Dickson

Mediterranean Knotted Lace

Knotted lace is one of the oldest forms of making lace and is believed to have originated in the Eastern Mediterranean around 2000 years ago. Also commonly referred to as Armenian Lace, it is also known as Billila, Oya, Palestinian Lace, Nazareth Lace, Smyrna Stitch and Phoenician Lace.

Elena Dickson has a wide audience for her reowned lace making techniques, contributed to by her first publication Knotted Lace in the Eastern Mediterranean Tradition, and from touring Australia and the USA conducting workshops. Elena’s outstanding experience in her field has energised this enchanting guide with authenticity, practicality and wonder.

This latest book has all new motifs and doily designs and includes all stitch instructions, descriptive diagrams and black and white photographs of finished projects. Discover the timeless heirloom treasures that you can create with this marvellous title.

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