Macrame: Fresh Macrame Ideas for Jewellery, Home and Fashion

From craft blogs and interior design magazines to the latest runway shows, macrame is making a major comeback. The new macrame is undeniably on trend, with designers and creatives of all types discovering the artistic opportunities afforded by this distinctive and rewarding craft. Tapping into the ever-growing popularity of all things handmade, Macrame offers crafters 18 decorative knitting projects that they will love to make, from bracelets and purses to more unusual ideas such as adding a distinctive trim to sweaters and skirts.

Packed with a variety of stylish and innovative examples, Macrame explores the creative possibilities of knot making as an art form, featuring a wide range of both historical and contemporary knotting techniques making every thing from jewellery items to home ware, bags, and accessories. For each project, illustrated step-by-step tutorials and clear, straightforward instructions show readers how to master a variety of different knotting techniques. Each project concludes with suggestions for other ideas to try, providing readers with a wealth of further inspiration and encouraging them to explore new creative projects with the skills they have gained.

Trace your creative roots and discover the gorgeous art of macrame!

Table of Contents