Kaffe Quilts Again: 20 Favourite Quilts in Rowan New Colourways

Another brilliant title in Kaffe Fassett’s collection, this book takes 20 of his favourite quilt blocks and reimagines the designs with marvellous new colour and Rowan fabrics. Photographed in the heart of Bulgaria, the unique patterns create a stunning array of colour contrasts, harmonies and shapes, giving quilters the chance to see a master colourist and his team of designers at work.

Follow this detailed instructional guide to crafting extravagant handmade pieces. Enchant any space with the uniqueness and fascination of a striking exotic quilt.

This revival of Kaffe’s much-loved pieces gives artists and designers of any skill level the opportunity to create stunning pieces of their own. Featuring traditional and contemporary styles, this title will inspire and captivate creative minds.

Table of Contents