Freeform Crochet with Confidence

Freeform crochet is all about being creative with your stitches and shapes, playing about with colour and texture and going on a journey with your yarn and hook and seeing where it takes you. This can be a daunting thought at the beginning but as you explore the world of freeform crochet, you will gain confidence and realise there is no right or wrong.

Freeform Crochet with Confidence aims to inspire creativity and, through each of the 30 projects, will encourage you to find and develop your own individual style. The book has been designed to be accessible for both beginners and more experienced crafters, so whether you are starting out on your creative journey or want to brush up on existing skills there is something for all levels, with tips and hints for each design on how you can explore different possibilities. Step-by-step instructions for all the techniques and projects are included, along with embellishment ideas that will bring each project to life.

This brilliant book is an essential for every creative spirit.

Table of Contents