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Sarah Drew

Wild Jewellery: Materials, Techniques, Inspiration

Create your own stunning pieces of contemporary jewellery from materials found in the wild. Expert advice on how to identify and select different raw materials and where to find them is accompanied by full colour step by step instructions on all the tools and techniques you need to transform your finds into wearable art.

Simple in their execution, the techniques include crocheting various found materials, working with silver wire and setting small objects in polymer clay or epoxy resin. Each method can be adapted to make literally hundreds of different pieces – rings, bracelets, brooches, tiaras and necklaces – using all manner of wild objects. Providing a wealth of choice for the aspirational ‘wild’ jewellery designer, the results are original and striking, from resin-inlay twig beads to a crocheted-wire stone setting and a hose-clip ring shank.

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