The Complete Quilter: The Complete Guide to All the Techniques

Quilting can often seem overwhelming but it truly is a craft that anyone can do – taken a step at a time, this fantastic hobby is really quite accessible. The Complete Quilter takes you on a steady path to learning the essential techniques, tricks, and tested methods of quilt making, focusing on one skill at a time.

This book covers fabric selection, cutting, pressing, sewing by hand and machine, joining blocks, basting, hand and machine quilting, and binding and making labels. Including quilt blocks ranging from traditional to contemporary, including basic patchwork and applique as well as improvisational piecing, you can quickly work your way through the book and build your skills. Using a range of fabrics, patterns and colour ways, discover how you can use your new-found quilting skills to create wonderful modern projects.

Learn to quilt, start to finish.

Table of Contents