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Jenny Dowde

Surface Works

This fabulous title by Jenny Dowde explores the art of adding surface decoration to plain knitted or crocheted backgrounds. Jenny approaches some of her 35 projects in a traditional way, others in a somewhat freeform manner, and provides a wealth of suggestions for creating textured surfaces in knitting and crochet, using fancy yarns, making your own braids and cords, using the collage technique and seeking design inspiration from computer programmes all beautifully illustrated and explained in clear detail. There are also countless ways of using storebought braids and trims, beads, buttons, lace inserts, and all kinds of ‘found objects’, to create interesting surfaces.

The projects include a host of smaller projects such as scarves, hats and neckpieces, and a number of beautiful shawls and tops. Each is decorated in a particular way, but you don’t have to use the same techniques which means you have the freedom to choose your own decorative technique or to combine several to create your own unique result!

The book includes charming designs that will inspire and feed the creative soul. It is an essential guide for any crafter!

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