Help finding a title

The fastest way to find either a specific title, or one with the content that you require is to use the "Quick Search" utility at the top right-hand corner of your browser window.

The Quick Search utility has been developed to allow you to search for a book by:

  • title - search using a title or part of a title
  • author - search using the Author's given, family or both names
  • keywords - search for a title using a keyword of interest
  • contents - search the contents pages of our entire database
  • ISBN - if you already know the ISBN of a title, this is a very direct method of locating the title's details.
    Please note: when entering ISBN's, you must include the spaces that are part of the ISBN
  • series - the two series currently available are the "Milner Craft Series" and the "Milner Health Series"
  • imprint - the three imprints currently available are "Sally Milner Publishing",
    "JB Fairfax Craft" and "Creative House".

If you cannot locate a supplier of a particular title, please contact us.

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