Caro & Co: Helping Kids Find Wonder in the Everyday

Caro & Co: Helping Kids Find Wonder in the Everyday
Title: Caro & Co: Helping Kids Find Wonder in the Everyday
Caroline Webster

Wonder can be found everywhere, in the simplest of places and in many of the activities we undertake every day – you just need to know how and where to look. And, of course, wonder is amplified tenfold when you head outdoors. 

The outdoors is where imagination and discovery collide in the most spectacular fashion. Mother Nature’s secrets are just begging to be discovered and, what’s more, she is a brilliant, patient teacher and your child a willing student. Everything outdoors is full of wonder. 

Encourage your child to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magic in the mundane and enchantment in the everyday. This book lists some ideas on how to go about this. All the activities, either indoor or outside, are simple and inexpensive, and rely mostly on the ready imagination of your child. If you are guided by your knowledge of your own child, together you can find a little wonder in everything you do. So go on. Open the door, step outside and find some magic.

No. of pages: 160 approx
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ISBN: 978 1 86351 497 2
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