Put Your Stamp On It: Cards, Interiors, Scrapbooks & Stationery

Put Your Stamp On It: Cards, Interiors, Scrapbooks & Stationery
Title: Put Your Stamp On It: Cards, Interiors, Scrapbooks & Stationery
Meagan Lewis

Want to create beautiful, hand-printed gifts and items for you, your friends and your home? Put Your Stamp On It shows you how. Drawing on a growing trend for rubber stamps and stamping as a printmaking craft - and a burgeoning stamping community of artisans and experts to go with it - this book illustrates just how easy it is to create your own rubber stamps and go on to print infinite personalized projects in the comfort of your own home. 

It explores the basic principles required for a professional stamping finish, from choosing essentials tools to carving your first rubber reliefs, mounting stamps on blocks and printing on a variety of materials including fabric, paper and wood. Put Your Stamp On It also explores the brilliant duality of this printmaking medium: it can exist as a simple craft or has the potential to create more complex, intricate artworks. Simply harness a few simple skills and techniques - as shown in the fully illustrated how-to guides - and then let your imagination fly. 

Put Your Stamp On It includes 20 brilliant stamping projects from simple designs to intricate masterpieces including gifts, garments, items for the home and decorative goods. There is beautiful photography throughout with fully illustrated guides to the essential tools, skills and techniques with tips and tricks for troubleshooting. Be inspired to adapt projects to print on a range of materials including paper, fabric and wood, and with various inks.

A great introduction for the novice stamp maker, this book also offers more advanced tips and tricks for experienced stampers looking to expand their skills. Happy stamping!

No. of pages: 144
Cover type: Paperback
Trim size: 246mm x 190mm
Colour type: Full colour
Series: Milner Craft Series
Imprint: Sally Milner Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 86351 444 6
RRP: A$19.99


Drawing Inspiration.
Materials and Tools.
Cleaning and Caring for Your Stamps.
How to Carve a Stamp.
The Right Combination.
Creating Vibrant Colours.
To Mount or Not to Mount.
Practice Project: Toadstool Stamp.
Projects by Technique.
Chapter 1: Decorations.
Chapter 2: Gifts.
Chapter 3: Accessories.
Chapter 4: Organisers.
Stamping Tips.
Prelims: 5pp Introduction: 14pp To Decorate: 30pp To Give: 28pp To Wear: 30pp To Organize: 28pp Troubleshooting Tips: 6pp Index and Credits: 3pp
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