The Borris Lace Collection: A Unique Irish Needlelace

The Borris Lace Collection: A Unique Irish Needlelace
Title: The Borris Lace Collection: A Unique Irish Needlelace
Marie Laurie & Annette Meldrum

When Marie and Annette visited Borris House in 2006, the lace in the Borris Lace Collection was uncatalogued, unpublished, and almost completely unknown in Ireland. Mrs Tina Kavanagh, the current custodian, was unsure of how best to proceed. Remaining family members knew only a little of the provenance. Knowledge of the old techniques and true characteristics of the lace had been lost. They were concerned that unless the history and techniques were researched and recorded without delay, the technique of Borris lace and the provenance that was currently known could be lost forever. Marie and Annette suggested that the best way of conserving the lace was to catalogue it, provide archival storage and write up the significance as well as the history, so that future family custodians will be well informed of its social, cultural and historical significance to Borris and Ireland, its heritage value to the Kavanagh family and, lastly, as an inspiration to lacemakers who may over time be privileged to visit Borris and view the collection for themselves. It was not until they returned to Australia and Marie commenced to rework the patterns and repair the bedspread on loan to us, that she discovered some unique techniques. Marie and Annette hope that their efforts will ensure the long-term survival and appreciation of this remarkable lace.

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Part I The Untold Story: Modern Irish needle laces; Early tape laces; The resurgence of tape laces; The origins of Borris lace; The Borris Lace Industry; The Ballantrae Lace Industry; Who were the Borris lacemakers? The ICA revival of Irish laces; Why is Borris lace so little known? 
Part II The Borris Lace Collection: Household linen; Clothing; Family lace; Stock samplers; Unused materials; Patterns; The catalogue; The lace; Designs and motifs; Stitch techniques; Design elements. 
Part III Projects: 1 Round shamrock coaster; 2 Square shamrock pincushion; 3 Cushion with square shamrock insertions; 4 Square shamrock handkerchief corner; 5 Bookmark; 6 Square trademark d’oyley; 7 Round floral d’oyley; 8 Handkerchief with fir tree edging; 9 Crag handkerchief; 10 Round crag d’oyley; 11 Small d’oyley; 12 Crag-edged hand towel; 13 Shamrock placemat; 14 Complex shamrock placemat; 15 Fir tree collar; 16 Pomegranate and tree of life table centre. 
Stitch glossary. 
Dedication. Acknowledgements. Foreword. Introduction PART I: THE UNTOLD STORY Modern Irish needlelaces. Early tape laces. The resurgence of tape laces. The origins of Borris lace. The Borris Lace Industry. The Ballantrae Lace Industry. Who were the Borr
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