Floral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon

Floral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon
Title: Floral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon
Helen Dafter
Description: Floral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon is beautifully presented. Helen has created a visually attractive book with the use of stunning photography and very pretty watercolours of many varieties of flowers. 

A guide to creating beautiful silk embroidered flowers from nature, this book includes beautiful photographs, watercolours and illustrations of flowers. Helen has interpreted these images by creating complete projects of the flowers in silk ribbon in cottage and country garden settings. 

Included is a basic guide to fabrics, needles, pattern transfer, silk ribbons, starting/finishing, painted backgrounds and stitching techniques with diagrams. Projects include a variety of flowers, including roses, irises, everlasting/shasta daisies, asters, cornflowers, lavender, buddlia, gardenia, cherry blossom, violets, pansies, hyacinths, foxglove, as well as a small collection of native flowers. Not only are there projects for individual flowers, there are also complete landscape style embroidered projects showing the flowers in company with one another and in natural or garden settings.

No. of pages: 128
Cover type: Paperback
Trim size: 210 x 280mm
Colour type: Full colour
Series: Milner Craft Series
Imprint: Sally Milner Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 86351 373 9
RRP: A$14.99


Materials and equipment: Silk ribbons; Sewing aids and accessories; Stranded threads; Fabric selection; Painted background treatments.
General techniques: Getting started; Finishing off; Pattern transfer methods. 
Stitch glossary. 
Hand-formed and sculpted flowers. 
Stitching and design techniques: Scale increasing and decreasing; Laying out the stitch; Order of work; Perspective; Economical use of silk ribbon; Perfect petal placement; Camouflage or waste stitch; Colour selection; Extras. 
The projects: Lavender; Violas; Grape hyacinth; Gardenia; Daffodil; Gerbera; Camellia sasanqua; Cornflower; Flannel flower; Roses; Crab-apple; Daisies.
Materials and equipment Silk ribbons; Stranded threads; Sewing aids and accessories; Fabric selection; Painted background treatments; General techniques; Getting started; Finishing off; Pattern transfer methods. Stitch glossary Hand-formed and sculpted
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