Silk Ribbon Embroidery: A Workshop Approach for Beginners

Silk Ribbon Embroidery: A Workshop Approach for Beginners
Title: Silk Ribbon Embroidery: A Workshop Approach for Beginners
Helen Dafter
Description: A step-by-step approach to silk ribbon embroidery. All the questions you ever wanted to ask in a silk ribbon embroidery class answered for you, with illustrations and instructions. 

The lessons in the book are based on the very popular workshops conducted by Helen throughout Australia and New Zealand. Here the information and skills needed for success with silk ribbon embroidery are presented in an interesting and informative manner. The diagrams and instructions will give embroiderers, at both beginner and advanced levels, the knowledge and confidence to try this needle art without structured classes or supervision by a qualified tutor.

This elegant needle art is a much faster form of stitching than traditional cross-stitch or tapestry and is ideally suited to the creation of the useful and decorative objects for the home in the book's fully described and illustrated projects.

No. of pages: 80
Cover type: Paperback
Trim size: 260 x 185mm
Colour type: Full colour
Series: Milner Craft Series
Imprint: Sally Milner Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 86351 367 8
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Materials and Equipment: Silk ribbons; Needles, scissors ands other sewing aids; Fabrics; Stranded threads.
General Techniques: Getting started; Finishing off; Pattern transfer methods.
Stitch Glossary: Stitch legend.
Stitching and Design Techniques: Laying out the stitch; Order of work; Perspective stitching; Scale – increasing and decreasing; Economical use of silk ribbon; To jump or not to jump; Perfect petal placement; Colour selection; Background techniques; Embellishment with silk ribbon embroidery; Problem solving FAQ's. 
The Projects: Project 1 - Four embroidered hand towels with native and cottage flowers; Project 2 - Lidded box with penstemons and daisies; Project 3 - Embellished evening bag; Project 4 - A garden for all seasons journal cover.
Introduction Silk ribbons for embroidery Needles, scissors ands other sewing aids Fabric selection Stranded threads Pattern transfer methods Getting started/ finishing off – the basic rules Illustrated guide to the most common stitches for silk r
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