Embroidery for all Seasons

Embroidery for all Seasons
Title: Embroidery for all Seasons
Diana Lampe & Jane Fisk
Description: Exquisite embroidered garden flower designs showing the four seasons, all brought vividly to life with stitches and colours that truly reflect the flowers being worked. Includes complete flower samplers and a lovely selection of projects showing the embroidered flowers used in a variety of combinations and styles. 

This is a beautiful book combining the very popular first two books from Diana Lampe, Embroidered Garden Flowers and More Embroidered Garden Flowers, and includes the new “Kardinal Rose Garden’.

No. of pages: 192
Cover type: Hardback
Trim size: 185 x 260mm
Colour type: Colour pics
Series: Milner Craft Series
Imprint: Sally Milner Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 86351 353 1
RRP: A$39.99


Before you begin.
Notes for Embroidered Gardens.
The Cottage Garden.
The Spring Garden.
Spring Garland.
The Summer Garden.
Summer Garland.
'Kardinal' Rose Garden.
The Autumn Garden.
The Winter Garden.
Embroidered initials.
Gift ideas: Key to the cottage garden; Colour plate the cottage garden; colour plate the spring garden; Key to the spring garden; Key to the summer garden; Colour plate the summer garden; Key to 'Kardinal' rose garden; Colour plate 'Kardinal' rose garden; Key to the autumn garden; Colour plate the autumn garden; Colour plate the winter garden; Key to the winter garden.
Flower glossary (in alphabetical order): Colour plates flowers samples; colour plate spring garland; Colour plate summer garland; Colour plate gift ideas; Key to embroidered gifts; Colour plate embroidered cushion; colour plate embroidered initials; Colour plate embroidered initials; Gardener's friends and pests.
Stitch glossary.
Finishing touches.
Contents: The Cottage Garden; The Spring Garden; Spring Garland; The Summer Garden; Summer Garland; The Kardinal Rose Garden; The Autumn Garden; The Winter Garden; Embroidered initials; Gift ideas. Flower glossary: Notes for left handed embroiderers. A
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