The Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection

The Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection
Title: The Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection
Jane Nicholas

In this wonderful book Jane shares her methods of using beautiful threads and fabrics, and beetle wings, to create beautiful designs and projects in many forms of embroidery. 

Lavishly illustrated in colour, this book with detailed step-by-step intructions accompanied by numerous explanatory diagrams is a fascinating addition to the working bookshelf of anyone interested in dimensional and textured embroidery. 

No. of pages: 424
Cover type: Hardback
Trim size: 280 x 210 mm
Colour type: Full colour
Series: Milner Craft Series
Imprint: Sally Milner Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 86351 318 0
RRP: A$39.99


Part 1 The Beetle: Natural history; Anatomy. 
Part 2 The Beetle as Embellishment: The Scarab Beetle; The Beetle as a Design Source; The Beetle and Jewellery; Beetle Buttons; Beaded Beetles; Red-Orange Beaded Beetle; Blue-Green Beaded Beetle. 
Part 3 Beetle Wing Embroidery: Beetle Wings as Adornment; A Victorian Dress; Victorian Jewel Embroidery; Working with Beetle Wings; Beetle Wing Evening Bag. 
Part 4 Stumpwork Beetles: How to Embroider a Stumpwork Beetle; The Beetle Specimen Box; Peacock, Grapevine and Beetle; Crocus, Clover and Jewel Beetle; Fritillary, Fennel and Scarab Beetle; Beetle and Boysenberries; Scarab Beetle Brooch. 
Part 5 Goldwork Beetles:  How to Embroider a Goldwork Beetle; Goldwork Beetle Sampler; Pomegranates, Snail and Gold Beetle; Gold Violin Beetle; Or Nué Beetle; Gold Stumpwork Beetles; How to Embroider a Gold Stumpwork Beetle; Embroidered Initial and Beetle.
Part 6 Beetles in Surface Embroidery: How to Work a Beetle in Surface Embroidery; The Ladybird Notebook Cover; The Endpaper Beetles; Redwork Beetles; How to Embroider Redwork Beetles; Redwork Beetle Bag. 
Part 7 Appliqué Beetles: How to Appliqué a Beetle; Appliqué Beetles in Fabric; Appliqué Beetle in Felt.
Part 8 Beetle Shapes as Inspiration: Scarab Beetle Pouch; Beetle Evening Bag.
Part 9 Techniques and Equipment: Transferring a Design to Fabric; Working with Vliesofix; Working with Wire; Working with Leather; To Mount Stumpwork into a Paperweight; Equipment; Needles; Thread Conversion Information.
Stitch Glossary.
Bibliography and Further Reading.
Stumpwork Supplies and Kit Information.
INTRODUCTION Part 1 THE BEETLE: Natural history • Anatomy Part 2 THE BEETLE AS EMBELLISHMENT • The Beetle as Embellishment • The Scarab Beetle • The Beetle as a Design Source • The Beetle and Jewellery • Beetle Buttons • Beaded Beetles
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