Punchneedle Embroidery: Dancing Needles

Punchneedle Embroidery: Dancing Needles
Title: Punchneedle Embroidery: Dancing Needles
Pamela Gurney
Description: This book seeks to encourage new and more experienced embroiderers to enjoy the dimensional, colourful and exciting pieces that can be created by embroidering with punchneedles. With step-by-step instructions and colour photographs for every project, this book has projects suitable for beginners and experienced punchneedle embroiderers. 

Pamela's easy style will make this a delight for all who wish to create their own punchneedle embroidery pieces from her book.

No. of pages: 184
Cover type: Paperback
Trim size: 280 x 210 mm
Colour type: Full colour
Series: Milner Craft Series
Imprint: Sally Milner Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 86351 313 5
RRP: A$19.99


1. What is punchneedle embroidery? Punchneedles; Conversion chart; The Dancing Ribbon needle; Threaders; Care and safety; Setting up; Direction of work; How to make the stitch.
2. Punchneedle embroidery techniques: Cutting threads; Finishing off; Troubleshooting; Repairing a hole; Overview; The use of glue; Working with silk ribbon; Traditional punch needle embroidery. 
3. Stitch glossary: Reverse punchneedle embroidery; Counting stitches; Working in a circle; Special effects; To embroider a leaf; Meandering stitch; Forming the perfect point; Star flowers; Stripes; Outlines; Sculpting; Very fine punchneedle embroidery; Blending threads; Other stitches; Silk ribbon work; Braid making; Fabrics. 
4. Materials, equipment and basic techniques: Iron-on interfacing; Equipment; Transferring the design; Marking the straight grain of the fabric; Hoop techniques; Doughnuts and dirty marks; Appliqué; Creating backgrounds; Caring for your embroidery. 
5. Threads and ribbons: Acrylic yarn; Embroidery cotton (embroidery floss); Rajmahal art silks; Silk ribbons. 
Projects: Scissors Case Beauty; Overflowing Cornucopia; Butterflies; Dandy Bear; Delightful Daisies; Giraffes; Nasturtiums; Christmas Decorations; Handstand Clown; Dancing Bear; The Wicker Basket; Scarf Toggles; The Flower Garden; Ribbon Heart; Magical Miniature Carpet; A Grand Old Pedestal; Lily and Hyacinths; Cream on Cream; Circle upon a Circle; A Promise of Summer.
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