Diabetes: Good Food Choices

Diabetes: Good Food Choices
Title: Diabetes: Good Food Choices
Ruby M. Brown
Description: ENDORSED BY DIABETES AUSTRALIA Over 100 delicious recipes suitable for people with diabetes---and those without! A healthy diet should be an important feature of our daily life and include a variety of foods from all food groups---plenty of vegetables and fruits, breads and cereals, some dairy foods, lean meat and/or meat alternatives, and a small amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. All recipes in this book satisfy the nutritional guidelines suitable for diabetes and overall healthy eating. Unless otherwise stated, the recipes use wholegrain cereal products, low-fat dairy products, minimal sugar and polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. In the interests of health and diabetes management, each recipe provides a nutritional analysis per recipe and serve for: Kilojoules; total fat; saturated fat; fibre; carbohydrates; sodium; protein. Ruby M. Brown is a skilled and dedicated food technology educator as well as a multi-talented culinary author. Ruby has written many books in the area of special diets including Wheat-Free Cooking (More than 100 Gluten-Free Recipes), Good Food for Diabetes and Milk-Free Cooking. Other titles include Country Kitchen books. Patonga Country Kitchen, The Explorer’s Country Kitchen, Decorated Eggs and Healthy Country Cooking.
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Contents: Acknowledgments. About the author. Foreword. Introduction. The management of diabetes. Sally’s story. About the recipes. Measurements and conversion tables RECIPES Starters and dips: Avocado--garlic dip; Brandy--almond cheese; Crêpe rolls; Crêpes; Cucumber boats; Garlic bread; Gherkin dip; Ham and pineapple rolls; Herb dip; Party crispbreads; Rice flour crisps; Ricotta cucumber. Chicken: Chicken bake; Chicken casserole; Chicken fillets with ginger; Chicken fillets with mustard sauce; Chicken kebabs; Chicken rolls; Chicken roll with herb seasoning; Chinese chicken. Fish: Bream mornay; Curried fish; Fish fillets with macadamia sauce; Haddock with potato; Whiting with lemon and ginger sauce Beef: Beef and mushrooms in brandy sauce; Beef with curry sauce; Beef and yoghurt; Pepper fillet steak; Satay peanut beef patties Lamb; Lamb curry; Lamb kebabs; Lamb loaf; Lamb paprika cutlets Pork: Pork with apple and cherry sauce; Pork with chilli; Pork with ginger marmalade; Pork and veal terrine Rabbit: Rabbit casserole Veal; Veal with asparagus; Veal with lemon and peppercorns ; Veal with mustard sauce Meat alternatives: Baked bean casserole; Butternut pumpkin rounds; Lentil loaf; Peanut potatoes; Sour cream potatoes; Spinach parcels; Vegetable casserole; Vegetable curry; Vegetable--egg casserole; Vegetable lasagne; Zucchini casserole Salads: Avocado and celery salad; Banana--pecan salad; Broccoli salad; Capsicum salad; Chicken salad with curry sauce; Cucumber salad; Potato salad; Tomato and onion salad Desserts: Almond--orange custard; Apple--almond crumble; Apple parcels; Banana--ginger dessert; Brandy oranges; Chocolate mousse; Custard; Honeydew with pineapple and ginger; Jellied oranges; Lemon cheesecake; Orange--cream sauce; Passionfruit cheesecake; Pear and yoghurt dessert; Pumpkin apricot pie; Ricotta--strawberry dessert; Yoghurt mould; Yoghurt parfaits Healthy goodies to bake : Honey--bran biscuits; Orange--buckwheat biscuits; Apple slice with ginger; Banana--honey slice; Lemon--walnut loaf; Orange flapjacks; Pineapple--banana cake; Sultana--apple cake; Teacake with apple topping; Banana--apple muffins; Date muffins; Yoghurt muffins Miscellany: Apricot--almond jam; Fruit and cheese platters; Muesli; Oaty bits; Open sandwich ideas; Toppings Glossary. Tables. Index
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