A Guide to Quilling Flowers

A Guide to Quilling Flowers
Title: A Guide to Quilling Flowers
Helen Walter
Description: A Guide to Quilling Flowers provides the would-be quiller with everything one needs to know about quilling flowers including basic quilling equipment, techniques and the standard quilled shapes. There are 40 flower designs from around the world. Each design has clear easy to follow instructions. The book provides full colour photographs throughout. The flowers are vibrant in colour and could be adapted for any use.
No. of pages: 112
Cover type: Paperback
Trim size: 280 x 210mm
Colour type: Full colour
Series: Milner Craft Series
Imprint: Sally Milner Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 86351 306 7
RRP: A$14.99


Introduction. Basic quilling equipment. Basic quilling techniques. Basic quilled shapes. Twiners and Climers: Warrine; Coral Vine; Wil Sarsaparilla; Twining Fringed Lily; Bougainvillea; Passionflower. Succulents and Cacti: Round-Leaved Pigface; Yeallow Salt-Star; Se-Urchin Cactus; Parakeelya; Prickly Pear. Native Garden Favourites: Geraldton Wax; Swan River Daisy; Lesser Bottlebrush; Rapier Featherflower; Morrison. International Garden Favourites: Bird of Paradise; Rose; Foxglove; Daffodil; Columbine. The Arid Zone: Ruby Saltbush; Tall Mulla-Mulla; Desert Kurrajong; Wild Tomato. Terrestrial Orchids: Blue Lady Orchid; Jug Orchid; Queen of Sheba; Yellow China Orchid. Ground Huggers: Pincushions; Hairy Leschenaultia; Viola; Lily of the Valley; Boomerang Triggerplant; Black Toothbrushes. Indoor and Container Dwellers: Cyclamen; Peace Lily; Water Lily; Ivy-Leaf Geranium; Cineraria. Further reading.
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