How I Overcame Psoriasis

How I Overcame Psoriasis
Title: How I Overcame Psoriasis
Kent Trussell
Description: Control of psoriasis can be achieved by treating the skin’s surface, examining dietary and metabolic individuality and by adopting a determined attitude. Kent Trussell hopes to encourage self-healing for all sufferers of psoriasis and inspire in them a desire to explore other ideas and methodologies.
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What have we got, and what can we do about it? What is psoriasis? The skin - an eliminative organ; Vital factors in skin health. Diary of a psoriatic: How I overcame psoriasis and learned to live with it. Taking control: Which treatment? On the surface - reversing losses, promoting healthy growth; Internally - nutrition for skin health; Within and without. Appendixes: Tables; Information exchange. Glossary. Notes and references. Bibliography. Index.
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